Guided night-tour „you’ll never dare to quite enter” MARKO ZINK | Bildraum | EYES-ON
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Within the scope from

EYES-ON. Month of Photography
& This Human World – International film festival for human rights

Thursday, 23rd of October 2014, 6 p.m.
Günter Schönberger, Bildrecht
Opening speech:
Prof. Ernst Hilger, galerist and curator
at Bildraum 07

With the series „in the wallpaper forest” | „im tapetenwald“ and „in the forest“ | „im wald“ Marko Zink gazes deeply into the underwood of the human soul.

„ The forest as a recurring motive in Zink’s work, is not a misty-like place of desires, but a symbol of the unconscious. Therefor the artist does not tell about the fresh green of the pine needles and the quietness between the trunks. In the forest, a place predestinated for the displacement of the known into the the uncanniness, we encounter irritations as fragments of the familiar. The viewer, enwrapped by the shadows of the trees and henceforward surrounded by nature, has to realize that the perception of reality has shifted. Parts of something human sprout like mushrooms from the tree bork or seem to be trapped by two trees in this idyll.“
(Bildrecht, exhibition text)

Within the scope of This Human World – International film festival of human rights also the underwater series „swimmer“ | „schwimmer“  & „strange“ | fremd” are shown.
These artworks follow thematically the series „in the forest“ | „im wald“ and „Tragedies“ | „Tragödien“.

„(…)At first glance, Marko Zink’s series swimmers is an easy game, some- times turning profoundly serious. There, polar opposites penetrate each other, what is incompatible becomes compatible. There, images begin to oscillate just as invisible inner flows of water, this matter be- comes ambivalent, and no one knows whether one will surface, swim on or drown. The temporality of forms, the fickleness of all existence is evident here.“
(Diethardt Leopold, extract: Between Play and Pervasion, a comment to the series „Swimmer“ | „Schwimmer“)


After a beautiful vernissage and a successful exhibition of seven weeks, it was an honour to be asked to participate in a magical finissage.

Only lit by candle-light and specific lighting, selected texts by Elfriede Jelinek were recited (Marko Zink and Jelinek worked together for his work series „tragedies“.).

The photograph „suitcase | koffer (7011_23)“ out of the series „strange“ | „fremd“ was voted to be the cover of all programmes, billboards and advertisment of  “this human world” 2014. The billboard itself was published in a limited edition, all profits will go to the festival.


Marko Zink,  7444_07,  from the series „in the forest“ | „im Wald“, 2014 Photo: Maren Jeleff


Photos: © Bildrecht |Maren Jeleff