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Impart contemporary is proud to present the first solo exhibition of the photographer Jiro Shimizu in Vienna.

In the tradition of Japanese animation movies, as well as Japan’s pop and youth culture, Shimizu creates a phantastic world “between heaven and earth” in his largesized photos.

For this, the artist takes inspiration from both, the old masters and the scenography of movie classics, to bring his ideas to life with fulminant and elaborate stagings.

“Jiro Shimizu’s artwork reveals the complexity of his photographic narration, time after time. From Japanese decent, the Viennese photographer melds two differently influenced iconographies. He combines the classical picture composition with the narrative art of Japanese fairy tales, in which every object is ensouled and animals are equal protagonists.“ (Exhibition text by Magdalena Pressel: „Between Heaven and Earth“)


In his three segmented photo series („Cast away“, „Sophie’s Castle“ and „The African Quest”) the characters which he creates, act in an enclosed and symbolical world, inhabited by wild animals, phantastic machines and surrealistic figures.

One of the particularities of his works is the elaborate production of the photos. Every story antedates a work process lasting for months, in which every scenery and prop is drawn in detail and constructed by the artist himself. Some of these stage elements will be shown at the exhibition, too.

A former coffee roasting plant in the heart of Vienna sets the frame for his first, 14 day long exhibition, titled “Between Heaven And Earth”.


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27th of November 2014
7 p.m.
Neustiftgasse 28
1070 Vienna

28th of November – 11th of December 2014
Mo – Fr, 1 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Sat & Sun, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m


Cover picture: Jiro Shimizu, Detail of the “Sophie’s Castle” series, 2012; courtesy of the artist