Jiro Shimizu, Part of the “Sophie’s Castle” series, 2012; courtesy of the artist



Jiro Shimizu was born in Marburg an der Lahn (Federal Republic of Germany) and has lived in Vienna from the age of three. Since 2006 he has been working as a freelance photographer and film producer in Vienna, in the fields of Art/Fashion/Beauty/Advertising. Numerous international corporations are among his clientele.

Out of a desire to express his own personal stories, he started to realise his elaborate productions using personal resources.

His iconography is influenced by Japanese Manga and youth culture as well as by the old masters and classic movies.

Jiro Shimizu imparts the the content of his work through the art of cinematographic “storytelling” in a multilayered way.

“Mankind and his Dream…” portrays the focus of his magical worlds.

His art is part of numerous private collections.


Jiro Shimizu by © Andreas Waldschütz

Jiro Shimizu by © Andreas Waldschütz

Jiro Shimizu, Part of the “The African Quest” series, 2014; courtesy of the artist

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